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Welding Supplies & Gases

As a Reseller for United States Welding we stocked various types of gases for welding and other uses for Tooele County for over 20 Years!  Bottles of gas are not refilled on site.  We have a 1 for 1 exchange program for both leased & customer owned bottles.  Tank Rental is also available.  Prices listed below are for reference and may fluctuate, please call for current price. 

We also have an ample supply of welding wire, welding rod or electrodes, many different tips for Miller & Victor, large selection of hard to find fittings, gauges, cutting wheels, grinding wheels, wire wheels, sanding discs, tip cleaners, protective gear, welding helmets, gloves, and much more.  If you don't see what you need, just ask and we may have it out of sight.

 Various Gas in Stock

GasSize                    Approximate Volume             Price
AcetyleneMC10 c.f.34.95
B40 c.f.44.95
NWQ75 c.f.63.25
NWSUp to 145 c.f. (price per 100 c.f.)60
NWKUp to 420 c.f. (price per 100 c.f.)57
ArgonQ80 c.f.56.39
S150 c.f.61.85
K224 c.f.77.07
T330 c.f.100.59
C-25RGAS MIX-75% ARG, 25% CO2.  37.65
RRGAS MIX-75% ARG, 25% CO2.  52.95
QGAS MIX-75% ARG, 25% CO2. 53.58
DEYGAS MIX-75% ARG, 25% CO2.  74.95
SGAS MIX-75% ARG, 25% CO2. 79.95
KGAS MIX-75% ARG, 25% CO2.  83.44
TGAS MIX-75% ARG, 25% CO2.  121.85
Co250 lbNon-Siphon 50 lb. tank.48.76
50 lbSiphon 50 lb. tank.48.76
50 lbFountain 50 lb. tank.48.76
20 lbFountain 20 lb tank.39.95
HeliumRR40 c.f.Call
Q73 c.f.Call
S135 c.f.Call
K242 c.f.Call
OxygenR20 c.f.22.53
RR40 c.f.25.95
Q80 c.f.25.95
DEY122 c.f.28.95
S150 c.f.29.95
K251 c.f.42.77
T337 c.f.46.88
NitrogenR18 c.f.27.45
RR35 c.f.29.95
Q73 c.f.31.95
S138 c.f.37.42
K240 c.f.47.95
T304 c.f.54.59